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Network Spinal Analysis, through specific low force touches to the spine, assists the brain in developing new strategies to:
  • experience the world
  • adapt to stress
  • dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
  • connect with your body's natural rhythms
  • experience greater well being
  • make healthier choices
  • create a more self - correcting self reliant "magical spine"
  • develop the Somatopsychic and Respiratory "healing waves"
What is Network Spinal Analysis?
Network Spinal Analysis™ is an evidenced based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies. Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness. Practitioners combine their clinical assessments of spinal refinements with patient’s self assessments of wellness and life changes. Greater self-awareness and conscious awakening of the relationships between the body, mind, emotion, and expression of the human spirit are realized through this popular healing work. NSA is exclusively practiced by Doctors of Chiropractic in relationship to the identification and self regulation of spinal tension and Subluxation patterns
Network chiropractics is the chiropractic system of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) created by Dr. Donald Epstein. NSA chiropractors hold the philosophy that the spine is a channel of energy that connects individual consciousness to planetary consciousness. Network chiropractic doctors are involved with gently reducing tension in the spinal column as a healing art.  
Dr. Epstein developed network chiropractic to make improvements in the results of traditional chiropractic methods of spine adjustment. He noticed in his practice that if he adjusted certain segments of the spine before others, the body would often "self-correct" and move by itself in response to the adjustment of the first spinal segment. Network chiropractors are said to value the reduction of stress on the body and mind of the patient.
The network chiropractic method often requires gentler manipulation and less force than in the traditional chiropractic approach to adjusting tension in the spinal column. Network chiropractic approaches focus on the order adjustments are performed in to release spinal cord tension to prevent or reduce the harsh twisting of the spinal column. The goal of network chiropractic is to use minimum force to produce the maximum results in tension reduction to add to overall health and wellness.
Tension in the spinal cord can disrupt the spinal column and cause pain and a general feeling of unwellness to the sufferer. Patients in network chiropractic care are usually encouraged to participate in and gain knowledge about their treatment. Network chiropractic doctors are trained to help the patient develop an awareness of his or her spine in relation to the rest of the body. Dr. Epstein found better results using NSA than traditional chiropractic approaches alone and his results inspired some other chiropractic doctors to use the NSA system in their practices as well.
Network chiropractic methods have been said to affect the consciousness of the body in a wholeness approach. As the spinal cord is connected to the brain and the brain and spinal cord form the body's central nervous system, NSA chiropractic doctors believe that individual consciousness is improved when spinal cord tension is relieved through gentle methods of adjustment. The healing philosophy of network chiropractic is one of whole body awareness and well being.
'Part of my healing from John of God was that I was told I would be sent a Chiropractor to protect me. That is when I met Yvan Tooth, before he started Vital Wisdom. My story can be read further in the "Letter from Brazil" on the Jo Blesing page. Network Care is instrumental in my healing and I highly recommend it to anyone needing change.'
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