THE FIRST STEP - DONATE FREQUENT FLYER POINTS! 5donations of 100,000 = return flights adelaide to brasilia 
$8-10,000 for Jo and 2 carers visas,  travel expenses, accommodation and translation
Donate time to pack , make white clothes, organize transport, food, accommodation, renting while away, training carers, or donate typing time, motivation, social inclusion and friendship.  

The story of my illness most people know but it’s been a rapid demise since 2004, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The www.imageshift.info website tells part of my story. For some reason I managed to get the worst kind of MS you can, with no western medical options. You may also be aware that I have been successfully treated thus far through John of God in Brazil.   
 I've run out of funding, so need to move some where to get better, where the cost of care is significantly lower. India, Bali or Brazil.  There aren't really many other solutions. I need to return to Brazil again as I was told that 2more times and I will be healed. what better time than now!

I was given this message in 2008, when I last visited John of God in Brazil  and received miraculous treatment from this healer. Now that I have successfully overcome a number of obstacles and completed a variety of goals, I am able to ask for help in order to take this next step. 
Due to the severity of my condition, I must travel with two carers. My health condition means I am unable to work. Therefore, I must raise the finances, through donations and sponsorship, to cover the expenses for three people for a two month period.
Donations of Qantas Frequent Flyer points are the easiest way to make a big difference.  Transfer of points can be 100,000 every calendar year.  Qantas fly two thirds of the way to Joao de Deus, Abadiania, Brazil. The quickest trip is via Buenos Aires, Argentina (160,000 points per person). Transfer to QF0660535.
donations can be through PayPal. Other expenses are internal flights in Brazil, from Sao Paulo to Brasilia ($1200pp).  The other main expense, after airfares, is the accommodation and tour guide in Brazil (approx. $5k pp), and of course carers’ salary, and everyday expense.
The severity of my condition means that I have lead an isolated life of extreme pain and suffering, with minimal assistance from government and any medical support. It is only my strength, carer and family support that enables me to keep believing against all odds. I am virtually a full quadriplegic, living in full muscle contraction and hypersensitivity.  The description I write above is an 80% improvement from where I was when I first received treatment. Anyone that has seen just one of the improvements of mine since contact with this healer will support me in every way that they can. They say for those that believe no proof is necessary, for those that don't, no proof will ever be enough.  I am hoping that people can assist me in whatever way they can.
Thank you very much, I thank you.

have a look on GOFUNDME for support  


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