Donations for the Event
We kindly thank the donors:
Levo - Walk on Wheels Darrin Fields donated amanual wheelchair to a boy in need
A wheelchair was donated during the evening for a young boy (Caleb Crowden one of the models). Caleb lives with multiple disabilities and cannot sit in his chair as he has outgrown his old by 15 kg after he was last in hospital for a 5 month stint. He will not receive a wheelchair for two years from the government, funding system. He lives an amazing life of strength and power for someone who has fought all odds many times. This donation now will change his life, it will allow him freedom. Caleb was not aware that he was to receive a new chair.
Dr Billy Chow - Vitality and Wellness
 Kaileigh Kooyman was introduced to Joanne through Disability SA as someone needing support, a big sister, equipment and generally a new outlook on life. Joanne met her and asked for her story, and worked with different people to see what she could obtain to help change her life in some way. Her story can be viewed in her profile on the models’ page. The smiles on her face alone show the transformation.
She has had 89 operations in her life and is only 21 years. She has terminal illnesses, and her medical proposal from the doctors is to pay $2,500 per month for a drug that may or may not work. Again, she cannot receive the basic necessities of upgrade, let alone IT equipment, in her life. She is in desperate need of a basic computer or laptop as she has little way of communicating with society, in what is remaining of her life. This fashion parade preparation and inclusion has alone given her an understanding of fun even within a lifelong traumatic existence. 
During the evening, Val Freebairn gifted Kaileigh with donations: Billy Chow from Vitality and Wisdom, Burnside donated crutches and a full assessment to Kaileigh who had not received crutches in many years through the government system, as her size is non standard (the last time she received arm cuffs was 9 years ago! Crutches cost under $100 and the general population are unaware that the government cannot assist everyone as you would expect due to the funding complications). She does not receive treatment from any specialist, as she cannot get private health cover due to the fact that she was born with her tumour.
Through the charity auction fundraising, we were able to raise enough cash to purchase a basic laptop and IT consultant setup. This small gift will make an enormous impact on her life, and I mean enormous!
and of course we cannot forget
Dr Yvan Tooth - Vital Wisdom
Yvan Tooth was kind and generous enough to donate his time to be the support physically and energetically for the models. He was not only the sculptural art piece of the parade, but the stone for each model.
Biography: My interest in healing stems from a lifetime of using natural therapies to maintain my health and wellbeing. This has helped me to realize that true health is more than the absence of disease and driven me to study approaches which help find the key to unlock vital wellness.
After completing a Bachelor of Health Science at Adelaide University I undertook a Masters in Chiropractic at Macquarie University. In my final year I studied many chiropractic techniques in addition to my course work. Network Spinal Analysis proved to be the most profound and life changing. I continue to study with Donald Epstein, the founder of Network.

Dr Yvan Tooth
488 Goodwood Rd
Cumberland Park, 5041
(08) 8357 3829
It only takes one to make a difference!
Joanne's aim is to be able to offer others with disabilities equipment and lifestyle as well. Jo is lucky for the support she has around to keep believing. Others don’t have this ability, so Jo's aim was to help and arrange for others a way  to make a difference even if small.
If you can donate one item, and we can find a match for the item, what a better way to help in life! Shifting the perception of possibility. Have you seen the movie 'Pay it Forward' ?