Why Miss Universe Australia Daria Varlamova is not a normal 'beauty queen'The former disability support worker on why she’s more than just a beauty pageant cliché.
Reference to Joanne Blesing Fashion

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 🎉 a disability advocate and designer who has just become a finalist in the SA Woman Awards!! Shout out to my amazing sister  Joanne Blesing

  • In the last year, always creative yet frustrated by dull, drab and limited clothing options available for those with disabilities, she started her own clothing line in bright colours, easy and adaptable fastenings which not only look fabulous but make it easy for carers to dress their clients with dignity and …… style.

  • Then she went on to start an amazing fashion parade called ImageShift to drive a change in perception about and for those with disabilities, helping those with disabilities to understand what it is to feel beautiful again, and sadly, some for the first time in many years.

  • The stories and testimonials from some of the models has been incredibly moving and it is all because of Jo’s vision and passion to make a difference, along with her own incredible drive and dedication to not being perceived as a victim herself.

  • Right now she needs our help. She needs to garner some more votes for the People’s ❤️ Award category - not just for herself, but to drive awareness of the challenges that those with disabilities face on a day to day basis.

  • And all before 5 September!!


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