Shifting Perception' of thoughts
 I am trying to make a difference as small as it may be. Shifting Perception firstly requires understanding, then acceptance, then action. The 2 videos on this page show the perception of disability in two different understandings. 
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English Project - Body Image & Disability Discrimination
Located on youtube when searching body image and disability
The article on the website on body image sparked the idea for this event. The combination of the article and the videos, and obviously my experiences living with severe disability, sparked the creation of 'Image Shift'. 
I strive to show that disability does not have to be considered unfair, but can be taken to another place of thought, where beauty can be encompassed.  
The 1st video is a strong typical style of statement, invoking a nodding head of empathy and the thought of unfairness. The 2nd video shows disability in a different light of art and beauty, using dance. 
Yet both vibrate with the heart....
A diary come to life, portraying the true story of an Australian dancer, James Cunningham, who -after paralysing an arm in a motorcycle accident- journeys through the worlds of medicine, rehabilitation and disability, in recovery of self-expression. He finds new angles on perceiving the body, and new ways to move. "Body image" and concepts of "normality" are questioned.
 Disability CAN be seen as Art!